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IoT Routers, VPN Connectivity & Management Systems

Leading provider of secure & resilient IoT routers across all sectors.

Secure, Flexible, Managed Industrial IoT Router and IoT SIM Connectivity

We provide combined router and SIM card connectivity for a range of business-critical and mission-critical IoT applications. Our managed IoT router products and associated managed services enable companies and service providers to deploy high-quality, durable, resilient managed industrial IoT router solutions for a range of sectors and applications. 

Primary applications include:

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We are a leading provider of multi-network and single-network router SIM cards from the main IoT roaming and mobile network operators. 

This gives you a choice of connectivity plans and providers, all managed via our IoT SIM card management platform.

We provide managed routers for a range of critical business and industrial applications. 

Whether you require managed WiFi for a retail or hospitality payment system, connecting self service kiosks in store or to provide connectivity for EV charge points, CCTV, ANPR systems or digital display, our routers can help solve your connectivity challenges. 

We provide expert secure infrastructure for routers and IoT devices. 

This is at the SIM cards and the router level. Please contact us to learn more about our secure systems and VPN infrastructure solutions and services.

We offer expert support to all of our customers.

Integrating your connectivity and router means that you can solve connectivity issues with one point of contact and one point of control.

Please visit our installer zone to understand how our routers operate and the critical infrastructure that supports them.

We supply and operate routers from a number of verified high-quality manufacturers. Our routers are used within fire and alarm, building security, EV-Charging and high-profile retail applications.

Please read our user guide which demonstrates how our routers can be installed and operate. Please note that we supply a range of routers from basic, 2 ethernet port models to more sophisticated 4 and 8 port models. 

Our routers are specifically designed for critical connectivity operations which require the maximum service up-time.

Our routers are used within some of the main security, EV and retail brands.

Please see some of our case studies by clicking the links below:

Few customers’ requirements are the same. While we endeavour to provide easily configurable standardised product solutions, our expert technical teams help clients to specify and architect their optimum solution in a partnership approach.

Please contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Managed IoT Router Services

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Critical Connectivity for IoT Applications