IoT Connectivity, Routers, Gateways, Sensors, & Management Systems

Secure and flexible solutions for smart monitoring applications.

Caburn Solutions is an innovative, and specialised Internet-of-Things (IoT) company with a background in health, environmental and social-care monitoring. We innovate, develop and integrate our own and a wide range of our partner’s technologies for the environmental, building, home and personal monitoring sectors. Our focus being the development of ground-breaking connectivity, managed home gateways and sensors and service platforms which place occupant privacy, wellbeing, and security to the fore.

Our innovative approach to home monitoring removes barriers between smart-home technologies, telehealth and indoor environmental-monitoring. Where a range of different commercially available and highly specialised sensors are connected to a single gateway. Our secure cloud-based systems ingest data for visual presentation and analysis while notifying stakeholders to act via simple messaging or instructions.

Deploying and managing connected solutions for a diverse array of IoT applications, such as:

Requires seamlessly and securely connecting a variety of devices. We help connect and scale them as integrated solutions. Our high-quality product solutions and architectures use the best technologies available, providing flexibility, security, mobility and portability.

Caburn Solutions can support a range of mobile, local and wide-area wireless technologies. Local device connections (such as ZigBee or BLE) can be plugged into core national networks through our GSM SIM solutions and management portals. Our supported gateways and sensors are remotely configurable; including device status information, upload frequency, sensor readings, alerts and alarms. Enabling centralised visibility of local device performance as well as control of multinetwork access, usage and billing. Through our partners, we can also utilise lower power/data networks including LoRa WAN for more specialised, low-power IoT applications.

Caburn Solutions provide secure and resilient IoT and user connectivity for lone-workers, telecare, health and end-users via our Caburn Connect services.

Caburn Solutions data connectivity and edge products facilitate scalable home and building management services.
Caburn Solutions provide systems which can manage gateway devices and sensors, enabling their activity and status to be monitored and amended.

We provide systems and portals which securely ingest data, store and present for companies wishing to provide smart monitoring services. We provide a range of scalable touch points and API for our partners.

Connected Solutions for a Diverse Array of IoT Applications