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Product & Systems

Our products and services use they best network and router providers and architectures. We are always happy to discuss your requirements, as we understand that while all Router, connectivity and IoT deployments are different, they often need strong core attributes, compelling flexible and secure device management, data storing, visualization and presentation.

Connected Routers

We work with the premier router manufacturers to deliver an integrated connectivity service for a range of router types. They can be dual sim, dual modem, Wi-Fi, with a range of Ethernet port options for connecting local devices. Routers are typically 4G enabled but 5G options are also available.

Managed Router Service

We offer a managed service for remotely configuring and supporting routers. We incorporate sophisticated router management platforms to enable secure connection and maintenance. We also monitor routers to enable adverse statuses to be flagged and corrected.

Managed Connectivity

Managed router combined with managed connectivity provides a powerful, connected service which means that routers and their connectivity can be optimized for deployments. Caburn’s platforms and our services provides the ability to remotely control each of the elements that constrains or enhances the connectivity functions of each router.

Connected solutions for a diverse array of IoT applications