Service Applications

Our connectivity and/or edge solutions provide the ability to deploy and effectively manage dispersed devices. The flexibility of these core services and products are well-matched to an array of IoT service applications:

Environmental Monitoring

Monitoring for air pollution, damp and CO2 are increasingly viewed as critical for ensuring the health and wellbeing of homeowners, tenants and building users. Caburn Solutions provide these capabilities, with the ability to remotely monitor and configure those sensors.

Home Monitoring

Our motion sensors, light measurement, door and window opening and closing sensors, CO, CO2, air quality VOC, smoke, heat and flood alarms, allow a comprehensive and discrete monitoring array suitable for a range of applications. Our smart plugs allow device usage to be monitored and if desired switched on or off. Digital input/output modules allow legacy alarms or sensors to be wirelessly connected to the local network.

Alarm Systems

Our solutions can be used as alarm systems. Remote management of devices through our systems and IoT Platform integration (to alarm receiving centres) provides dashboarding and sophisticated management control.

Schools, Universities

Our solutions are highly applicable to sites where building managers need to monitor or control site services and facilities. Making physical sites more understood and efficiently managed. For example, newly deployed sensors, or where applicable, legacy devices, may be connectable via a digital input/output wireless module. Smart devices such as power plugs mean devices commonly left switched on (such as monitors, screens or appliances) can be switched off remotely.

Office, Retail & Commercial Properties

Owners and managers wishing to monitor properties via an IoT platform can do so by integrating our connected devices.

Housing Associations and Care Facilities

The welfare of residents and occupants of certain types of facilities requires environmental and building attributes are monitored and if needed action taken. Sensors and hubs allow important measures such as temperature, air quality, humidity as well as alerts and alarms to be remotely and securely managed.

Caravan’s & Holiday Homes

Our technologies provide an ideal way to monitor environmental factors, activity, and the safety of these much-loved holiday assets/properties. Fire, CO, intrusions, theft, fire and damp are real risks. Our solutions can help provide greater awareness and insight for owners or the wellbeing of users.

Assisted Living

We work with several partners to provide care and connectivity solutions. We work with our hardware partners to provide a range of offerings. Whether devices require fixed wireless communications or fully mobile services, we can provide secure, resilient and high quality-of-service solutions, or connectivity plans.

Vulnerable Persons

We understand the care market can range from; those who simply feel vulnerable or are seeking to protect themselves from mishaps, worried relatives and family members, to those seeking to extend their home independence by the provision of connected telecare support. This can include traditional and regulated forms of  Telecare requiring integrated supervised networks, Alarm Receiving Centres and escalation processes. We provide connectivity solutions which can include managed data, SMS and /or voice services. Providing resilient, secure and cost-effective GSM connectivity solutions. Our voice solutions can include the provision of telephone numbers for devices, Telephone Number White Lists for extra privacy and security, and/or the provisioning of VPN for securing data networks.

Health / TeleCare / Medical Devices

Caburn Solutions are also a Communications and IoT Company. We can therefore provide expertise in developing and implementing secure and flexible smart monitoring applications. Connected software/hardware as a service entails connecting devices, sensors, peripherals, or integrating & managing mobile network connectivity broadcast to IoT Platforms. Enabling remote device and sensor configuration & control. While this has value in both health and care monitoring applications, Caburn Solutions are not a telecare business, nor do we source or supply medical devices. We can connect medical devices on a commercial basis for clients as prime contractors and their specified medical devices for technical evaluation purposes. Read more

Connected solutions for a diverse array of IoT applications