Service Flexibility

We provide a complementary range of devices and connectivity solutions for:

Environmental Sensors & Building Monitoring for a range of Home, Office, Retail & Commercial types of applications.

Caburn Solutions’ edge/connectivity products provide scalable solutions for environmental monitoring or home and building management. Our connectivity solutions and portal make managing these device‚Äôs connectivity simple.

When integrated with IoT platforms and then Alarm Receiving Centres (ARC), they can provide actionable visibility and control.

The flexibility of the core solutions means that a diverse array of applications can be implemented and supported. If desired, these can be centralised and independent of the local home/building network. The solution does not need be invasive.

Gateways/hubs can use low-overhead data protocols, minimising data usage and deliverable over VPN if needed.

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Caburn solutions provide integration services to a range of local sensors, also supporting secure protocols widely used by IoT platform providers. We can, therefore, provide the expertise and third-party support to operationalise the network. Caburn Solutions network of partners means that we can help you build a solution delivering new and exciting uses of technology.

Using our products, services and architectures means that IoT providers can scale solutions and integrate third party applications or systems. Caburn solutions have integrated an array of sensors; including air quality, light, temperature, smart plugs, motion sensors, digital I/O, smoke, CO, CO2, heat, damp and flood alarms. Some sensors provide multiple functions while others are highly specialised/purposed. While the high-quality devices we have already connected serve a wide range of IoT applications, we are also able to integrate new devices or sensors depending upon your application needs and their fundamental compatibility.

Connected Solutions for a Diverse Array of IoT Applications