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IoT Routers: Service & Flexibility

Our Router and Connectivity Services


We set up, supply and oversee IoT routers for businesses and critical operations. These deployments need secure, reliable connectivity and device management. We provide highest-quality routers with advanced remote IoT management features, tailored for the fire and security sector. This application demands the highest levels of security, toughness and uninterrupted operation.

Our IoT router solution is utilised in various industries and applications. We supply CCTV systems with high data security and privacy, along with flexible IoT SIM card options and remote management platforms. Our routers offer secure and scalable deployment of remote Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Wired LAN connectivity for different establishments such as payment terminals, retail branches, hospitality venues, care homes, offices, and leisure facilities.

We offer various network options for our IoT Routers based on customer requirements. The devices are assembled and tested at our facility in South Wales.

Critical Connectivity for IoT Applications