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Product & Applications

Our products and services use flexible architectures. Our solutions can be integrated using our partner systems or through integration strategies. We are always happy to discuss your requirements, as we understand that while all IoT deployments are different, they often need strong core attributes, compelling flexible and secure device management, data storing, visualisation and presentation.

IoT Gateways/Hubs

Our gateways provide a flexible platform for connecting local sensors. Supporting a range of communication protocols; including Zigbee, Z-Wave, WLAN, Wireless M-Bus, Bluetooth Low Energy and LoRa Wan. Our principal gateway uses a Java platform on an embedded system. Mqtt protocols are used to communicate with IoT Platforms and any authorised subscribers. Caburn Solutions systems also provides the ability to deliver software updates remotely.

Device and Sensor Management Systems

Our systems allow gateway hubs and sensors to be remotely managed. Devices can be edited, and their live status viewed. When combined with our connectivity portal this becomes a powerful tool for managing the devices.

IoT Platforms

While Caburn Solutions can provide bespoke solutions for certain applications, we work with a series of large scale IoT data platform providers who can manage and connect with third part service applications and provide specific client portals.

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