Device Sensors

We work with global and specialised sensor providers. This means that environmental properties, parameters or their impact on individuals can be monitored or measured. This is particularly relevant to those applications where the well being of individuals is important or a concern.

Fully integrated sensors and their features are listed: Each is designed for easy installation, long battery life and secure communications.

Air Quality Sensor

The wireless Air Quality Sensor monitors volatile organic compound (VOC) levels to ensure the best air quality possible. VOCs are organic chemicals present in indoor air, and some VOCs can cause both short-term and long-term adverse health effects. The battery-driven Air Quality Sensor provides your customers with continuous monitoring of VOCs and information on the VOC levels throughout the day in order to prevent adverse health effects. The wireless Air Quality Sensor is easy to integrate into IoT solutions. It features long range and accurate reporting of VOC levels, temperature, and humidity. Key features: VOC sensor, Humidity sensor, Temperature sensor

Humidity Sensor

Extreme temperatures and humidity levels can freeze pipes, cause leaks, encourage mould, and result in cost-intensive damage. Condensation and mould often form when certain rooms become too damp and humid. The Humidity Sensor protects buildings and belongings by monitoring temperature and humidity levels. Additionally, it will alert the customer in case the indoor humidity fluctuates to undesirable levels.

Key features: Humidity sensor, Temperature sensor, Zigbee Home Automation certified.

CO2 Sensor

For monitoring CO2, temperature and/or humidity levels, and transmitting the data wirelessly. Options also include LED indication to draw attention to local users that levels are changing.

Key features: CO2, temperature and humidity options, Zigbee Technology.

CO Sensor

A Carbon Monoxide Detector, capable of detecting Carbon Monoxide concentration as low as 50 ppm. According to the different levels of CO concentration detected, the sensor can notify remotely and raise alarm locally with a built-in siren.

Key features: CO sensor, Zigbee certified

Water Leak Monitor

Water damage is one of the most frequent and expensive insurance claims. The Water Leak Detector provides your customer with an early warning, in order to prevent or reduce potential damage from leaking roofs, pipes, or appliances, heavy rainfall, overland flooding, or rapidly melting snow or ice.

Key features: Leakage sensor, Temperature sensor, Zigbee HA 1.2 certified

Heat Alarm

Temperature monitoring for optimal fire detection. The Heat Alarm can be installed where smoke or fumes are part of the atmosphere to prevent false alarms.

Key features: Fire sensor, Temperature sensor, Zigbee HA 1.2 certified

Motion Sensor Mini

The wireless Motion Sensor Mini is a compact motion sensor. The product includes an occupancy sensor, a light sensor, an alarm sensor, a temperature sensor, and a tamper switch. The provided mounting screws can be used to mount the Motion Sensor Mini in the corner or flat on the wall or ceiling. Alternatively, the included stand can be used to place the Motion Sensor Mini on a table or shelf.

Key features: Occupancy sensor, Alarm sensor, Light sensor, Temperature sensor, Zigbee Home Automation certified

Door/Window Opening Sensor

The Door/Window Sensor detects and reports the opening and closing of doors and windows. Easily installed on any door or window, the sensors trigger a signal when parted, notifying the user when a room is entered. The Window Sensor also features a built-in temperature measuring functionality that measures changes in room temperature, down to a 0.1°C interval. Readings from the sensor can be sent via a home automation system through SMS, e-mail, or web. The increased awareness of temperature and daily power consumption can help your customer decrease their heating costs. 

The Window Sensor operates under the Zigbee standard, ensuring compatibility with other Zigbee certified products. The Zigbee Home Automation Window Sensor is configured as an end-device.

A battery life average of 6 years ensures minimal maintenance.

Key features: Magnetic sensor – IAS zone, Temperature sensor, Zigbee Home Automation 1.2 certified

Smoke Alarm

The Smoke Alarm warns users about the presence of smoke, using a loud audible alarm. Remote users will be instantly notified. The Smoke Alarm will also report its status and temperature. The wireless sensor is battery powered and easily mounted to the ceiling using the included screws.

Key features: Smoke sensor, Temperature sensor, Zigbee Home Automation certified

Digital Input/Output Sensor

Aa ZigBee DI/DO module that integrates wired devices into a ZigBee wireless network. The types of devices commonly connected are legacy smoke detectors, PIR motion sensors, door/window contacts, glass break detectors, or emergency buttons. The sensor can also be connected to a variety of sensors intended to perform multifarious functions. For example, bed or pressure mats, and so on.

Emergency Button

A programmable, portable Zigbee button which can be used for multiple purposes. The wireless button can be placed anywhere or carried around by the user, with an option to use a necklace or a wristband. Vulnerable people such as the elderly or the disabled can wear the Panic Button around the wrist or the neck and use it to call for help.

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